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Re: Boring Courts

Poster: Jen McCann <MCCANNJ@carleton.edu>

I've been following the thread on boring courts from my current home in the
Principality of Northshield, Middle Kingdom (only two weeks 'til I come home to
Atlantia!).  I attended Coronet/Investiture here this weekend.  Since the 
entire event was courts and heavy fighting, I  wasn't expecting to have all 
that much fun.  I was at the previously-mentioned 12th night of many courts and
feared a similarly boring experience, especially  since I wouldn't be likely to
know anyone getting awards.
   Instead, this was one of the better SCA events I've been to, mostly because
of some very spiff stuff done during Courts.  It helped that all of the royalty
had great speaking voices so everyone in the hall could hear what was going on. 
Still, that just doesn't happen always.  I tried explaining to a newbie why we
choose our royalty for fighting prowess rather than speaking abilities and the
only reason I could come up with was the (very period) "well, that's just how
it's done."  I actually don't object to our manner of chosing royalty at all, 
but it can lead to some less than thrilling courts.  
   Still, a lot of the stuff done at this event actually could have been done
well, even by royalty who are less than well-spoken.  During the morning Court,
Her Highness of Northshield called into court one of her Guards whom she had
sent on a quest to find people representing various chivalric virtues.  He
had each of them called into court and spoke very poetically about why they
represented that virtue.  Then he handed them signs with the virtue
written on them.  These signs also were each pointed at one end so when he
arranged them, they formed the compass which is Northsield's badge.  At Court
that evening, a Lady was called up and she said she had been "moved to song" by
that ceremony.  She then proceeded to sing a gorgeos song--which she had
composed that day!  The whole thing was very, very spiff, and could be
understood anywhere in the hall.
   If things like this were done more often, there would be far fewer complaints
about Court being boring.  Ceremonies like this do take a lot of work and
planning, but they are well worth it.  These things make possible those "magic
moments" which many of us are in the SCA to find.
  Just my $.02 worth....

Jennifer McCann/Cairistiona Wynde 

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