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Re: MR: Stone of Scone

Poster: Stephanie Malone Thorson <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Alfredo el Bufon wrote:

> By chance, I just happened to hear Paul Harvey (the
> conservative syndicated radio columnist) say that
> the Stone of Scone has been returned!
> Why isn't it _all_over_ the news?

Obviously you don't live in the British Isles.  :)

> Why did it take seven centuries?
> Why now, after seven centuries?
> (Why not in 1601, when England came under the Scots crown?)

Possibly because it would have been politically unastute at that time --
the Stuart hold on the throne was never that steady -- and after the Act of
Union, there was, presumably, not thought to be much point in the 
matter.  In truth, the Stone sat pretty well unnoticed through the 
16-18th centuries.  It's only been more recently that it's resurfaced as 
a focus for Scottish Nationalism. (Blame it all on Sir Walter Scott).

> Could this be a prelude to independence?

Maybe.  No one here is holding their breath, though.  For one thing, I
think the legend has it that the Stone must be returned to Scone
(pronounced Scoon) for Scotland to be free again, and the Stone is *not*
going to Scone Palace, but to Edinburgh Castle.  :) More practically, a
lot is going to depend on the next elections (set for spring) and what
Tony Blair (the Labour leader) does if Labour wins the majority in
Commons.  He had been a pretty vigourous supporter of home rule in
Scotland (not the same as independence, for the record), but then in an
attempt to hang on to English voters reversed that position, and since
then it's been pretty well out of the news.  At this point, I think the
best Scotland is hoping for is *maybe* getting home rule, and if
independence is in the offing, that'll be a good ways down the road. 

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