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Re: Celtic Web Sites.

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, James and Nancy Gilly wrote:

> Poster: James and Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>
> At 01:01 14-11-96 +0000, Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>
> wrote:
> >
> > I just got this list list of a bunch of cool web sites.  I thought I 
> > would pass it on to all on this list.
> > Aye,
> > Eogan
> But they're all Irish!  What about the rest of us Celts - the Scots and
> Welsh?  (Or for that matter, the Manx, Cornish, and Bretons?)
> Alasdair mac Iain of Elderslie     Argent, a chevron cotised azure surmounted by
> Barony of Marinus                  a sword and in chief two mullets sable

When this came up on the minstral list, people flamed the original poster 
for including nothing but Irish sites and calling them Celtic.  The 
arguement went on, and finally the original poster replied someting to 
the effect of "Sheesh, I give you guys 18 pages of useful websites, and 
even said 'if you have a site to add to this list, please do' and all you 
can do is whine and complain.'  Even though Celtic does not equal Irish, 
Irish does equal celtic.  Sort of a square is a rectangle, but a 
rectangle is not neccesarily a square sort of deal.  Yes, his list of 
Celtic websites left out the Scots, the Welsh, Bretons, Gauls, manx, 
Cornish, etc. etc. etc., but it did have useful info.
Maybe he mistitled it.  That's not a big crime.  Let's please avoid 
nit-picking here, ok?
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