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Re: New Peerage? (fwd)

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>From: Mark Waks <justin@inmet.com>
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>Date: Tue, 19 Nov 96 16:28:40 +0000
>-Poster: Mark Waks <justin@inmet.com>
>Being brief, for a change, regarding Solveig's counter-proposal:
>I still don't like the title much; for some reason, "Marquis" doesn't
>ring my bells at all. But the basic concept is the right one. A Peerage
>today is made up of two parts: the Peerage (is this person well-rounded,
>mature, a good person, etc), and the Pigeonhole (do they Fight/Craft/
>Organize well?). The problem is, we have people who are Peers in the
>most meaningful sense, but don't fit the pigeonholes.
>The right solution is to emphasize the Peerage, and somewhat
>de-emphasize the Pigeonholes; put the emphasis on what the Peerages
>have in common, rather than the ways in which they are different.
>There are many different ways this could be implemented, but broadly
>speaking, the right approach is to unify the Peerages into a single
>concept, and allow Peerage to be granted without necessarily inducting
>someone into an Order.
>				-- Justin
>				   Who's been tilting at this particular
>				     windmill for about five years now...
>Random Quote du Jour:
>"How many zen buddhists does it take to change a lightbulb?
> How many fish does it take to build a bridge?"
>		-- Fujimoto
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James and Nancy Gilly

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