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Re: New Peerage? disregard if disordered thought bugs you.

Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com

Almost on the topic, 
I am still greatly bothered by the practice of having nobles be a dime a
dozen and knights, a title which is practically unobtainable. This is the
exact opposite of period and greatly bothers me, (although it probably
shouldn't.) I just wish that any noble could make anyone a knight at whim, as
was period, and that the title of Lord or Lady could take some effort to
attain. Those who have acheived knighthood could belong to a special noble
order such as the garter, the star, ect, and only those knights could wear
the white belt and gold chain which so many have worked so hard to obtain. It
just really bugs me to have a practice which is period set so completely on
it's head. Also, I think that a lot of males join the SCA in hope of having a
knight persona, only to find that their hopes are close to unobtainable. And
I know that this would never get passed the BoD, I've had many gentle's
 patiently explain why in great detail, BUT, (and this is a really big but,) 
(like my aunt Gertrude's,) 
there really ought to be a way to make the SCA more period for those who want
it to be. Maybe this idea couldn't get passed globally, but it might if it
was possible to do it on a kingdom level. 
     Well, my apologies for taking up your time with the impossible. Now I'll
just froth at the mouth until I fall over backward.
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