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Re: Stone of Scone (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)


> On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Hinson, Jerome wrote:
> > Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>
> > 
> > Reprinted from Renaissance Magazine, Vol. 1, #4, Issue #4, Fall 1996
> > 
> > England's Coronation "Stone of Destiny" Returned to Scotland
> > by Kim Guarnaccia & Ian Kerr
> ENGLAND'S Coronation stone!  How dare they!

Indeed! Such an egregiously wrong title calls into doubt the
education of its authors.

> > coronation stone.  Legend had it that it was Jacob's Pillow which the 
> > crusaders brought from Palestine to Ireland where it was presented to St. 
> > Columba on Iona.  
> Crusaders....  that brings to mind 11th century.  St. Columba...  that 
> sounds like 5th Century...  Am I wrong, or is this article wrong?

You are correct, and the legend, if they have properly reported
it, is wrong. What is far more likely, since our predecessors knew
one year from the next, even if their philosophy on history was
different from our own, is that the authors have blown it.
Actually, IIRC, the Blessed Columba is more like 6th cent.

Craig Levin
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