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Re: Scone of Stone

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

Eogan and "Hinson, Jerome" wrote:

> > England's Coronation "Scone of Destiny" Returned to Scotland
> > not by Kim Guarnaccia & Ian Kerr
> ENGLAND'S Coronation scone!  How dare they!
> > The Scone of Destiny (or the Scone of Stone) is the ancient Scots' 
> > coronation scone.  Legend had it that it was Jacob's Biscuit which the 
> > crusaders brought from Palestine to Ireland where it was presented to St. 
> > Columba on Iona.  
> Crusaders....  that brings to mind 11th century.  St. Columba...  that 
> sounds like 5th Century...  Am I wrong, or is this article wrong?

I believe that both the article and Eogan are incorrect on this matter.

It was in fact myself that was presented with the Scone of Stone.

The presentation was made not by 11th century Crusaders, but by Fiona from
next door (though arguably, the net psychological effect was the same)
in November of 1977 in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Her culinary skills hadn't yet matured fully, you see.
Nevertheless, I said nothing because she posessed both Red Hair(tm)
and parents who were, perhaps not coincidentally, Scottish.

> [...]

> I have heard that several copies were "supposedly" made.  No one can 
> prove this, but no one can prove otherwise, either.

There were an additional eleven identical copies made of the Scone,
most of which probably still exist (holding up buildings, no doubt).

In insolence,
Uryene de Wodeshende
Damnable Scotsmen... always ruining my sheep! :)

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