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Re: Justin's Peerage appearances

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Barbara Nostrand wrote the following as forwarded by James and/or Nancy
>  the title, there would be no token of estate.  A token and title of peerage
>  simple could (in my opinion) help emphasise the peerage itself.

This is probably the best part of the whole "Marquis" proposal.  However, I
do stand by the concept that one could as easily do this by making Knights
who belong to no Order.  To make yet another title makes Precedence even
more confusing to the newbie person as well as annoying to those who think
a Marquis out ranks a Knight.  :-)  To take care of this I would start
the idea of advancing within the Peerage by freeing up some of the noble
ranks currently reserved for the post-Crown Royalty.  Then we could have
as many Knights as we need, both Ordered and non-Ordered.  And, we could
get a recognition for the work that people put in.  I think that at first
only Ordered Knights could advance so that the non-Ordered Peerage doesn't
end up as some sort of "giveaway" by the Crown to their buds.  Sir Fred
shouldn't get to be a Viscount just because King Charles is his brother,
for example.  Anyway, I never expect to see my system even seriously considered
in case anyone was wondering since it treads on too many toes.  :-)

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