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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Baroness Miriam, the Isenfiri, writes:

> Please refer to my previous post- I have missed several key moments in 
> tourneys trying to keep track of where the smoke was blowing since I'm 
> allergic to it!

I caught that after I replied to Greg.  I refer you to my reply to
Lord Alfredo.  I might point out that -I- did not say I would support
smoking in open areas as being non-offensive.
> >  
> > Which offense is the law meant to curb?  It is grouped with the law 
> > on flash photography, one might suppose because it is excessively 
> > modern! 
> Any form of photography is annoyingly modern.  Just like Coke cans on a feast 
> table.  And passing out because some thoughtless git has filled the air with 
> cigarette smoke is as well.....so please don't encourage that sort of non-
> period display by smoking!  ;-)

Perhaps the whole section of law should have a preamble stating that it 
is every Atlantian's duty to avoid being obtrusively modern ;-).
> Is this really going to come up in Curia?  If so, I encourage anyone who has 
> lungs to protect to come and defend this Kingdom Law.  i certainly shall!
I suggest you ask your territorial Baroness, Caitlyn o'Durnien(sp) to 
raise the issue, as she has the right to speak in Curia, whilst you and I 
could only speak at the Crown's pleasure.

In Service, the formerly seated member of Curia,

Leifr Johansson
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