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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com> 
> Lord Gregory writes: 
> > But there are two big differences between smoking on the list 
> > field during crown tournament and embezzling funds: no one 
> > thinks enbezzling funds is a good idea, and it's against mundane law. 
> > On the other hand, if you took a public opinion poll, you would 
> > probably find that smoking on the list field during crown tournament 
> > has a lot more support. 
> Actually, I don't think that is correct.  You might, though, find there 
> is a significant portion of the populace who believe smoking on the 
> list field is not an offense, if, as was the case, the perpetrators 
> where far from other people and their smoke most likely did not 
> reach anyone else. 
> While the middle of a list field between rounds is still the central 
> area of an event, it is not crowded environment likely to cause 
> suffering from second-hand smoke. 

Please refer to my previous post- I have missed several key moments in 
tourneys trying to keep track of where the smoke was blowing since I'm 
allergic to it!
> Perhaps we might better consider if we regard smoking as a 
> physical assault on other attendees of an event, and therefore an 
> offense, or whether we regard smoking cigerettes as an 
> obtrusive modernerity, just as flash photography is? 

I consider it both!  It is a physical assault on the allergic, and it just 
doesn't look right in persona....
> Which offense is the law meant to curb?  It is grouped with the law 
> on flash photography, one might suppose because it is excessively 
> modern! 

Any form of photography is annoyingly modern.  Just like Coke cans on a feast 
table.  And passing out because some thoughtless git has filled the air with 
cigarette smoke is as well.....so please don't encourage that sort of non-
period display by smoking!  ;-)
> Leifr Johansson 

Is this really going to come up in Curia?  If so, I encourage anyone who has 
lungs to protect to come and defend this Kingdom Law.  i certainly shall!


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