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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

Many have pointed out that we should be able to just politely ask someone
smoking to move away from public areas, even without a law. Yes we should,
but we can't. I have asked many dozens of smokers to please step back from my
merchant table, due to an alergy, and have only been accomadated about 50% of
the time. Many times my polite request has been greated with cracks like
"Whats the big deal. It's outside anyway" (not taking into account the the
wind was blowing towards me), or "It's a free country. I'm allowed to smoke",
or just a scornful glare. Laws are good to have as a fall back when
politeness is not always enough.
    Miriam Esther

P,.S, Many out there are polite smokers. I thank you for that. However laws
are not made for the law abiding.
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