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minstrel: Circle Recovery! (fwd)

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

Hi, all!  This came up on the minstrel mailing list, and I thought it was 
funny.  The author gave permission to distribute it, as long as he was 
credited, so here his his post:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:09:59 -0500
From: RBoyd40076@aol.com
To: minstrel@pbm.com, TAndrews@wahoo.sjsu.edu
Subject: minstrel: Circle Recovery!

   Here we go again, sheesh!   This is hot off the presses and dedicated to
Ld. TrueRhymer  (take THAT you scoundrel!)   As always, SCA bards are welcome
to use this for recreational or non-profit performing providing the credit
the author.

   Until next,
   Gunnar Redbeard (your advertising here)



Gunnar Redbeard

1) I must stop carrying my songbook with me wherever I go, especially in
mundane activities.

2) I must clean out my wallet/purse and throw away all those scraps of paper
with bits and pieces of poetry on them.

3) I must stop referring to past SCA events as "that bardic circle of
such-and-such date".

4) I must stop analyzing peoples speech patterns and categorizing them by
rhyme and meter.

5) I must recognize that few people, even in the SCA, are really amused by my
"life experiences" such as getting traffic tickets, etc.

6) I must understand and accept that there are SCA activities in the daytime
as well.

7) I must learn to stop filking advertising jingles.

8) I must learn not to refer to the Crown as "the designated Smoke Magnet".

9) I must stop writing business letters in sonnet formats.

10) I must stop using Shakespearean oratory style when talking with my
co-workers and especially with my employer.

11) I must carefully rearrange the furniture in my home so that it is not in
a circle.

12) And most especially, I must stop this pernicious habit of coming up with
bogus "12 Step Programs"!


c. Nov 1996  R.A. Boyd

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