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Scottish Bibliography.

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

Since several people have requested I post a bibliography of sources for 
Scottish dress here, I decided to oblidge.  This is the small 
bibliography from a paer I wrote last year on pre-1600 Scottish dress.  
For those of you interested, that paper will soon appear on Lady Deirdre 
of Boolteens' web page, as well as a listing of period accounts and 
descriptions of Scottish dress.  Here is a sample bibliography to help 
people get started:

Bond, Terry.  _Beyond the Pale; A Survey of Gaelic Garb, 1500-1650.  
Diss.  Canton, MI:  Moongate Designs, 1987.

This is an SCA publication, by Lord Cormac macCliuin O'Domnaill.  He uses 
a lot of the same sources I do, and provides a lot of great pictures.  I 
reccomend this as a good starting point for anyone intertested in doing 
further research, and as a good reference for those interested in only 
making a peice of garb or two.  In other words, it's informative, yet not 
too technichal.  I got my copy for $5 (I think) a couple of years back.  
You can contact Moongate Designs at 44791 Windmill Drive, Canton, MI  
48187, 313-451-6839.

De Breffney, Brian, ed.  _The Irish World_.  New York:  Harry N.  Abrams, 
Inc., 1977.

I inlude sources on Irish garb because the clothing of the Irish and the 
Scottish remained very similar until the 16th century.

Dunbar, John Telfer.  _History of Highland Dress_.  Glasgow:  Glasgow UP, 

Ewan, Elizabeth.  _Townlife in Fourteenth-Century Scotland_.  Edinburgh:  
Edinburgh UP, 1990.

This book does not deal very much with clothing, but does mention it.  It 
draws most of it's information from archaeological finds rather than 
period accounts.

Gerald of Wales.  _The History and Topography of Ireland_.  1185.  Trans. 
John J. O'Meara.  New York:  enguin Books, 1982.

As with above, this book does not concentrate on dress, but it is an 
excellent period account of 12th century Ireland (from a Welshman's point 
of veiw).  Various editions of this are probably out there, also look for 
Geraldus Cambensis, Gerald De Berry, and various spellings of those 
names.  The Penguin Books edition is proably the easiest to find.

Logan, james, and R.R. McIan.  _The Clans of the Scottish highlanders_.  
1845.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1980.

Do not use this as an actual source for documentation.  James Logan is 
not a scholar when it comes to medieval Scottish dress.  Normally, I 
would not reccomend any book published in the 19th century.  Their ideas 
about medieval dress, and especially Scottish dress, are filtered through 
a screen of romanticism, and are far from accurate.  I only reccomend 
this book because it contains a few pictures of the airasaide, a Scottish 
female garment similar to the belted plaid.

MacKinnon, Charles.  _Scottish Highlanders_.  1984.  New York:  Barnes & 
Noble Books, 1992.

The main focus of this book is on the history of the particular clans.  
It is a great book for people interested in finding out about Highland 
culture because it also includes sections on the dress, names, culture, 
and habits of the Highlanders in general.

I would also remind everybody that Noble Scotsmen, and Scotsmen who lived 
in burghs (especially towards the end of our period), would have dressed 
more and more like the English.  So any resource good for English garb 
(in later periods, of course), would be applicable to the Scotts as well.
Hope this helps for now.
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