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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Hi branwynn, you wrote:

> > Perhaps the whole section of law should have a preamble stating that it 
> > is every Atlantian's duty to avoid being obtrusively modern ;-).
> Don't smiley unless you absolutely mean it...
> Section VII.D. of Outlandish law: "Reasonable care shall be taken that
> blatant mundanities are not in obvious display at events."

That sounds like a good rule.  I would suggest that "Reasonable" be a 
measure likely to grow stricter the longer a person is a member, and the
higher his/her rank.  It often seems that some of our highest nobles are
the worst violators of this concept.
> This isn't your kingdom, but it could be if you wanted :^)
Sure it could, if you can find a job for both me and my lady (Systems 
Analyst and Help Desk Technician, respectively).  I'd love to test the 
theory that Atlantian squires can get knighted easier out of kingdom (and 
of course, there is always Outlands Crown ;-).

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