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Re: disc: ONE Peerage, Different Orders, or No Order

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

My good friend Lord Evan writes to one of my comments:
> > 
> > Actually, once you go back to the point where knighthood is no longer 
> > connected to the peerage, I think you go back to the point where the 
> > title knight is used fairly exclusively for a mounted warrior (yes, I 
> > know we don't ride horses).
> Sir Thomas More.
> Sir Geoffrey Chaucer.
> (I'm sure folks can also crack books for more examples if you'd like.)

I don't know the date of Sir Geoffrey Chaucer, but if this is Henry 
VIII's Tom, then I suggest that my point applies.  Thomas More was 
definitely a "Robe" noble from a late period culture, where military 
knighthood was vastly on the decline, and gaudy show tournements were on 
the rise.

Besides, who would look to the TUDORS for an example :-<.

Leifr Johansson
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