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Re: What do you call someone from --- ?

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Alfredo el Bufon wrote:
> Being a newcomer to fair Atlantia, I had not seen the word "Storviki"
> before.  Seeing it now makes me wonder just what other names are used
> for the denizens of the various territories of the Kingdom.  I've made
> some guesses here; am I right about any?

Folks from Ponte Alto sometimes call themselves Fine Products but are 
more correctly called Pontoons.

Folks from Isenfir are called Isenfiri (usually plural) and sometimes 
Isenfarer (singular). I have known people to say "he is isenfiri" and 
"they are isenfiri"; but they tend to stumble over saying "he is an 
isenfiri". I'm not really sure what half-understood rules are at play there.

Henry Best,
	coiner of the phrase "Another Fine Product"
	former seneschal of Isenfir

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