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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Kensei wrote the following:
> Possible solutions?  Why not buy contacts?  Why not obtain period-looking
> metal frames?  It's all a matter of selective spending and willingness to
> fully immerse into period, in my opinion.  And, before anyone takes umbrage

Well, personally speaking, contacts are right out as they are a pain in the
butt.  I can't wear extended wear lenses or disposables thanks to my eyes
weirdnesses.  And daily wear without a modern bathroom?  Oh, no!  Not me.
As to period-looking frames, where?  I've looked.  I've not seen any.  Not
to mention, I need larger lenses because of the way my face gives me my field
of view so I can't do those cute little round lensed-things (as well as they
look horrid on me!  I don't wear bad-looking garb so I'm not going to wear
expensive bad-looking frames) that at least look mostly authentic.  And, I'm
not skilled at making frames, so I'm left with my modern metal frames.  Oh,
well.  Not much else I can do.

> debates which have been going on the past few weeks is this:  a number of
> people are unwilling to give up their modern, personal conveniences for the
> sake of period authenticity and want everyone else to accept that.  I really

Well, as I said, I suppose I could wander around with a guide at events, get
headaches and the like, but I really would just opt out of the SCA at that
point.  Not that I'm unwilling to forgive convenience, but I consider my vision
a medical question, so I wear my glasses to prevent quicker worsening of my
vision (as well as headaches from unconsciously attempting to focus) as I
take modern medicines (which admittedly few if anyone would see me do).

Basically, it's not as easy to disguise a needed modern item (my glasses) as
you would have it.  Besides, my persona was centuries dead by the time people
started wearing glasses.  I'm sure getting period-style glasses would offend
you sensibilities less, but it still wouldn't look right with my persona.
What should I do?  Seriously.

> One last thought.  Being a smoker, it strikes me that the courteous thing to
> do--since many are offended by smoke--is to simply smoke in an area well
> away from others and not in the midst of the throng.  N'est ce pas?

Smoking where no one else could see would be wonderful.  I wish more people
would do it.  Or, better yet, why just not smoke at events?  That would
solve it all by never having to worry about offending other people's
sensibilities with a modernism.

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