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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

> Smoking where no one else could see would be wonderful.  I wish more people
> would do it.  Or, better yet, why just not smoke at events?  That would
> solve it all by never having to worry about offending other people's
> sensibilities with a modernism.

Sorry, but y'all have touched a nerve on this one.

As a smoker, I have _always_ striven to be courteous with my addiction.  
I _never_ smoke in a crowded hall( or for that matter, an empty hall), and 
do my best to keep myself downwind when I do smoke outside. 

The idea that you (generic, not personal) have the right to tell me that 
I can not now smoke OUTSIDE for the sake of your convenience is absurd.  
If you do not like my smoke....move away.  Do not stand nearby.  I 
strive to be courteous, and I expect the same of you _all_.  I strive to 
be accomodating, and expect the same in return.

In truth, the level of pollution coming from infernal combustion engines 
offends me, but I do not expect you to leave your autos at home (in spite 
of the fact that they produce far more in the way of persistent pollution 
than my cigs).  Now, to be fair, you are not running your engines full 
time at an event, but the fact remains, 100 cars (even _only_ during 
arrival/departure) add more nastiness to the air than smokers at events.

I joined the SCA too many (16+) years ago because it was an inclusive 
organization.  Here over the last few years we have become more and more 
EXclusionary.  I propose a new organization for those closed minded 'my 
way or the highway' elements of the Society.  Perhaps we could call it 
the Proud Union of Tedious Zealots (PUTZ).


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