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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Edward R. Ewen, Jr. wrote the following in reply to a message I wrote:
> > Smoking where no one else could see would be wonderful.  I wish more people
> > would do it.  Or, better yet, why just not smoke at events?  That would
> > solve it all by never having to worry about offending other people's
> > sensibilities with a modernism.

> The idea that you (generic, not personal) have the right to tell me that 
> I can not now smoke OUTSIDE for the sake of your convenience is absurd.  

Well, actually I wasn't talking about convenience.  I was talking about
authenticity.  As a reminder to others, I was talking about the question of
wearing glasses at events as the main part of my message in reply to another
post regarding the bothersome inauthenticity of glasses at events.  I
figure if I'm being asked to not wear my glasses at events, it certainly
follows that we can ask others to not smoke at events.  Am I somehow implying
that asking others to give up things (Glasses for those of us who need them
to see, smoking for those who are addicted) are unreasonable requests?  Yes.

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