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Modern Personal Stuff

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.mitre.org>

Kensei stated:
>At the risk of being long-winded, the real issue at the center of the
>debates which have been going on the past few weeks is this:  a number of
>people are unwilling to give up their modern, personal conveniences for the
>sake of period authenticity and want everyone else to accept that.  I really
>don't believe those seeking authenticity should have to.  Wasn't the search
>for the medieval what SCA was founded on?  If cigarettes are not period,
>don't smoke them at events.  Buy or make a clay pipe and use loose tobacco.
>Get period glasses or wear contacts.  Put your Coke into a period container.
>And so on.

  Absolutely right.   I don't know why you people have so much trouble 
with this.  Just don't wear the glasses.  If you are a poor college 
student who can't afford glasses, fine.  Stumble around alot.  That's 
what a period poor person would have probably have done.  And wheelchairs,
how can people actually show to events with these.  Any mundanes who saw
a person in nice period garb but using a wheelchair would say "Who is 
this idiot?".  Don't they have friends who can carry them around in a 
litter or something?  Or if they don't, they should stay home (a much 
more period practice, I'm sure).  All it takes is a little consideration
and thought and you too can be authentic.   

                           -Virgil, who will now return to 
                            putting knotwork on his Nikes
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