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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

   Usually I lurk silently, but this thread has grabbed my attention and
I'd like to add my 2 cents worth.  
              While I love and enjoy all aspects of the SCA, I believe
it's a hobby (or game, if you like) that can sometimes be taken *too*
seriously.  Mind you, I am not saying that the values of courtesy, honor,
and chivalry should not be taken seriously...quite the contrary.  In my
opinion, the SCA is different for us all...some choose to participate for
fun and others choose to participate for the educational/research
aspect...neither is in any way better than the other.  I personally
believe that those gentles that set the foundation for the SCA did so
*without* feeling that what one person chooses to do (or wear, in this
case) within the confines of the Society is better (or more correct) than
the next person's choice.  The bottom line is that an effort has been made
to look period.  I have seen Elizabethan Laurels in absolutely gorgeous
period gowns wearing a pair of thoroughly modern plastic-framed glasses,
and it has never bothered me.  So what if John Doe plays differently than
me, or wears a pair of obviously modern glasses with his 11th century
garb?  He has that right.  It isn't my place to say otherwise.  He has
made an effort to outfit himself accordingly.  If Jane Doe is unhappy to
see a pair of obviously modern shoes, a goblet, or a pair of glasses
because it upsets her vision of the Middle Ages perhaps she would do well
to remember that we are a part of the_Current_ Middle Ages...a
Creative_Anachronism_.  Until I have the sort of income that will allow me
to make garb from period fabrics and dyed with period dyes, I will be
content to do my fabric shopping at Wal-Mart.  The point is, I make an
effort to outfit myself in period-looking garb (even if it's not period
fabric), and to me it is the effort that counts.  If I had bad eyesight
(fortunately I do not), I would wear what is necessary to be able to see
clearly and still be comfortable (be it a pair of plastic-framed glasses)
along with my garb, and I would hope that this would be deemed
"acceptable" to the Society at large.  If we all keep in mind that
everyone is an individual, with individual preferences (be it 'Purist' or
otherwise), perhaps we can all play together and not spoil one another's
good time.  I think it would be great not to see mundanities at events,
but until that happens I am not going to allow an uncovered cooler or a
pair of mundane glasses to spoil events for me.  I'm not knocking those
gentles that choose to look as period as possible... if it seems that way
I humbly apologise, as I have a great deal of respect for anyone willing
to go that extra mile.  I would just like to give a gentle reminder that
we are all different, and thus have different preferences and limits as to
how far we are willing to go into period, and that these differences
should (ideally) be accepted by everyone (after all, it really shouldn't
cause anyone stress), providing that these differences do not harm anyone
or make them uncomfortable.  I agree wholeheartedly with a statement Emma
made...allow those that make a reasonable effort to look period some
slack...an effort was made, which is all that (correct me if I'm wrong)
Corpora requires to participate.  If it's good enough for Corpora,
shouldn't it be good enough for us?
                                                         Lady Gabriella di
Lorenzo Fiorentini

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