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Re: Reasonable Authenticity (was: Smoking and Law)

Poster: teresa marie nava-vaughn <tmn@wam.umd.edu>

I can't believe I am contributing to this argument. But, it has gone on so
long that I can no longer ignore it.
	O O

Connect the O's up with to the rest and this is what 14th century
glasses look like.  They are worn by tying them to your head with a length
of leather. The frame is wooden. Though I know people who own them and
love them, I doubt most SCA persons who need glasses would think so.  I
must add that I have never seen such an item in an eyeglass store nor
anything coming close.  Additionally, I certainly doubt that one who
needed them could ever find them at a reasonable price.  Civ War
reenactors have the benefit of going to their neighborhood antique store
to get pinched nose glasses. Our poor-sighted are not so lucky.

C o'Stow 	

> In my opinion, plastic-framed glasses are not a strong attempt to be period,
> particularly when ads for national eye-care chains run on a frequent basis
> hawking 2 pairs of eyeglasses for the price of one, and so forth.  If
> contacts are too expensive, surely period-type (or non-glaringly modern)
> metal frames could be found.  

Sorry I accidentally deleted who wrote this.

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