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Re: Caer Mear Masqued Ball

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Greetings from another Caer Mearian!

Thank you all for your kind posts regarding Masqued Ball.  Caer Mear certainly
likes to throw a nice party and we are glad you all had fun!

The Autocrat of Masqued Ball this year was Moire Nic'Pharthaiain (Victoria
Dye).  She did a wonderful job!  I know I had fun.

I was impressed by the number of Arts and Sciences competitions she and her
household planned.  Below is a list of the victors.  Vivats to them all!

Results of competitions:

Lucrenzia di Francesca Spigga Levantia won the decorative center piece

Susanna Grey won the Period Vocal competition.

Alexander the Lost won the Period Instumental competition.

Ana Ilevna won the best banner competition. 

Fthelwulf and Ilse (Anyone know the rest of their names?) won the Best Dancing
Couple award.

Kate Munsel won for best mask in the adult category. 

Erika ni Deadra won for best mask in the child category.

Volodimin and Gwaeddin (anyone know the rest of their names?) won for worst
rendition of a period musical piece with the SCA rendidtion of the Macharina.

Corby de la Flamme won for best sharking in Hole-in-the-Wall.

(An advantage of being a deputy MOAS is that one gets a copy of the list of who
won what A&S competition for the quarterly report!)

There was also a musical chairs competition won by Maria-Theresa de Normandy
and a "No" competition (the idea was to not say the word 'no' or you'd lose
all your 'no' ribbons) won by Igor.

The feast was spaced well with the first remove around two thirty, then lots of
time to dance and socialize and get hungry again for the second remove around
seven o'clock.

I want to extend hearty congratulations and lots of thanks to Moire and her
household; the youngsters who cooked the feast - Geneveive, Arianwen, Tamara,
Humphrey and Rosalie; the adults who helped them - Robear, Lavinia, Friar
Thomas and Dewei; and all the folks who cleaned up, set up and helped the
rest of us have a blast.


        - Anarra (who Just Had Fun this time)
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