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Re: Caer Mear Masqued Ball

Poster: Joseph Sizemore <barngril@vt.edu>

>At 11:10 AM 12/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Poster: Tom Brady <duncan@technomancer.com>
>>At 01:24 PM 11/28/96 PST, Anarra wrote (among other things):
>>>Fthelwulf and Ilse (Anyone know the rest of their names?) won the Best
>>>Couple award.
>>That would be Aethelwulf the Grey and Ilse von <mumble> (sorry), currently
>>holding the title of Cutest Couple in Black Diamond (which had gone
>>unclaimed since Roland and Theodora moved north... :-)
>It was Ilse von Brenner, and AEthelwulf Sigemorsson (name's changed) who
won.  And once again Duncan, you're mistaken.  To set matters straight, they
are not the cutest couple in Black Diamond, as that honor goes to Ciaran
<mumble mumble> and Lady Sorcha de Glys.  Don't you agree?  *smirk*  (they
just don't happen to be together all that often right now due to mundane jobs) 
>Yours in service,
>AEthelwulf Sigemorsson

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