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Penny Whistles

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Good My Lords and Ladies,
   A friend of mine recently gave me a "beginners book" for learning to
play a penny whistle, after hearing me bemoan my instrumentless state
(my harp is unrepairable). While I like the idea of learning to play it,
I do not know the history of the instrument, nor how it relates to other
woodwinds (?). Is it period, reasonably close, or outrageously modern?
Can the fingering be learned on it, and "transferred" to another type of
"blow pipe" (maybe a nicer, more expensive one if I actually can produce
   I'd like to learn something that can be portable, blend well with
voice (duets with my friends), and can come in handy for dance (figuring
that if I'm going to sit on the sidelines, I might as well be useful).

   Thank you in advance for any info you can pass on, I remain,

In service to the Dream,

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