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Re: A HERETIC'S view on Reasonable Authenticity

Poster: Kensei <kensei@concentric.net>

At 11:39 AM 12/2/96 -0700, Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com> wrote:
>I mearely want to add to this...thanks to ALL of you who have been so
>supportive...and to Lord Kensei....May you NEVER be in a position to
>HAVE to regret you words , may you never be one of US...you
>know...THOSE people who really have "let " themselves go by having
>only low paying hourly wage jobs which require over time merely to
>subsist and feed their children...may you never have to justify  your self
>worth or wants....
>good  luck bubbie!!

I don't know what you're talking about.  You've taken the following comment:

>> >>>(Although,
>> >>>frankly, I would wonder why someone would be spending money on
>> >>>SCA if they
>> >>>were in a serious economic position with bills and kids...but that's their
>> >>>business.)

and interpreted it as a personal attack against yourself.  As I noted
before, this was not my intention.  More to the point: A) I never requested
that anyone "justify" themselves or their participation in SCA and B) I
never said anyone "let themselves go" by having to work overtime at a
low-paying job to make ends meet.  Perhaps, "bubbie", you should drop the
public martyrdom, take a parenthetical aside as an aside, and lose the
condescending familiarity in your posts. 

>Dearest Beatriz,
>Just a note of support for you my dear. The reply that you received in 
>the above quoted e-mail (*snipped*) just goes to prove that the writer is
an insular, 
>pompous twit! I think it is amusing this writer frees to comment, in an 
>extremely judgemental fashion, upon a particular group of which he/she 
>obviously knows little, and yet also feels that _you_ should not be able 
>to comment or have an feelings/opinions about it, when you are obviously 
>_much_ closer to the issue!!!  The SCA has many understanding and 
>wonderful, sensative people in it ... this does not appear to be one of 
>them. .... feel free to quote any or all of my message if you wish .. I 
>fear no evil ... heh heh .... love Maude

You appear to be quick in rendering the same type of "judgment" that you
decry, particularly as you do not know me personally nor do you know my
social or economic background/current status.  Neither do you know the
extent of my personal experience in/with the lower economic strata of
society.  The post in which I made the comment that offended you and your
friend contained many lines more, which neither of you addressed.  Regarding
the line with which you took offense, I merely expressed wonderment that
someone who was in a financial bind, with bills and children, could find the
time and money to participate in SCA.  As this was meant to be taken as an
aside (hence, the parentheses), I did not feel the need to explicate
further.  I regret that you and your friend were put on the defensive by my
remark.  That said, I was not soliciting comments on the
participation/non-participation in SCA of those in economic straits; I was
addressing the topic of authenticity in the SCA.   

As I noted before, I believe that if people--despite severe economic
straits--can participate in SCA while keeping house and home together, more
power to them.

Lastly, it's not advisable to call anyone a "twit" when you have
misspellings and poor grammar in your posts.


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