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The Society Song (or My Way ;)

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

The Society Song
(to the tune of Paul Revere's Ride, or some such)

Come listen my children
and then you will see
the lives that we lead in our

We're Lords and we're Ladies
all brave and all true
but some of us know
that we're better than you.

'Tis serious business
these parts that we play,
So if you want pleasure
then please GO AWAY!

There's pomp and procedure
that will lead us to fame
and we'll DAMN you and CURSE you
if you say it's a game.

We must not make light
we must not make sport
There must be no humour
while sitting in court.

'Tis mean and small minded
our Politic Royal
and if you dare mock us
we'll boil you in oil!

In fact, the main force
that we lack in position
is that they deny us
our own inquisition.

Now this makes us swear
that 'tis only a rumor
that our society's subject
to coarse pagan humour.

So if you would join us
be sincere, and no jokes!
'Tis the only way you
can be one of _our_ folks.

There's noplace in our world
for humour or jest,
Just take our word

When we're free of the jokers,
and all the world's right
We'll have plenty of room
and camp space on site.

When we've killed all the humor
and we have our own way,
we'll be rid of three quarters
of the SCA.

(Good Riddance!)


First published @1983...the more they change, the more they stay the same....

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