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To Kensei

Poster: "Misty Boyer" <scadianchick@hotmail.com>

I must admit, one is at first inclined to agree with the tragic figure in this
drama, and curse your very name for injustices various and sundry; but after
careful, unbiased thought I've come to the conclusion that *nothing* you've
said is in anyway derogatory.  This, of course, is only *my* opinion.  It
should be taken into consideration, however, that I am far from rich.  I'm also
quite new to the SCA with less-than-authentic garb.  Yet, I wasn't offended by
anything you posted...because I understand that it is your opinion, and also
because, hey, it's nothing to get hot about.  Now if you start yelling "Death
to the French!", I might get a little upset!
Kensei, this can and should be used as a valuable lesson (not that I'm
criticising you).  This just goes to show how volatile one can get over stated
fact and/or opinion.  I *am not* taking sides.  I thought I'd just offer a
little support to the "bad guy".  I also admire you for keeping your cool, and
refraining from flaming.

*****Something that's beneficial and much-needed (copied directly from Lady
Anarra's Little Book of Etiquette):

"Be polite. It seems like it wouldn't be necessary to say this in an  SCA FAQ. 
Unfortunately it is. The print-only medium of the e-mail    environment makes
misunderstandings common. The reply feature makes   angry posts easy to send. 
Re-read your post before you send it. Would
you say that to the person's face? In front of someone who's good
opinion you value? Assume there has been a misunderstanding and strive
to correct it.

           "Do you really mean to say that East Kingdom Sheep are superior to
Atlantian ones?"

      is MUCH better than

           "You idiot! How dare you insult Atlantia's sheep! You should be
thrown out of the Order of the Hooked Crook immediately!"

      If you have a problem with a post or poster, send a private message. 
Posting chastising messages in public does not help to solve the situation."

This can be found in The Merry Rose FAQ, along with several other very
beneficial pointers to better communication and cooperation on our mailing

Over-opinionated Frenchwoman

Marianne de Bisclavaret 
of the Shire of Drachentor
Protectorate of the Barany of Sacred Stone

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