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Re: To Kensei

Poster: andreah@cpsnet.com

I also wanted to pass on a little support to the underdog.  I was 
once in that very position (sans kids) that he was descibing.  I was 
barely able to keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth, so as a 
responsible adult, I made the decision to forego the pleasures of my 
hobbies, this wasn't just the SCA, my hobbies included a gym, music 
lessons and weekly clubing.  When my luck changed I went back to my 
hobbies.  It's only logical and responsible to take care of yourself 
(and others if you have to).
I won;t even go into the fact that this argument has no need to be on 
the public list.  If it started with private messages, it should stay 

Giovanna Mancuso
Andrea Harrison-Gideon 
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