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Re: To Kensei

Poster: Kensei <kensei@concentric.net>

At 08:37 PM 12/2/96 EST, Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

>>What I was thinking about when I made the
>>comment that so upset you are those participants who cannot afford
>>SCA--in either time or money--yet participate to the detriment of 
>>themselves and their families.  In other words, how do --really-- 
>>poor people have the time to participate in SCA instead of working two 
>>or more jobs, if necessary, to provide a better life for their children?<<<<

I did say the foregoing...as part of a private note to
"DC.Temp.Receptionist" (or some such nick) as a response to a private note
from her.  Obviously, she decided to make it a public matter without my
prior knowledge or consent.

>I am outraged at statements that tell other people how to raise their
>chilren; how to make choices for their own life. I have never read such 
>hurtful things on this list! It's none of your business, Kensei.

In the original post to which "DC.Temp.Receptionist" took umbrage--which was
placed on the open list--I made an aside (in parentheses) to the effect that
I did not see how people in severe financial binds could afford to
participate in SCA...noting in the same sentence that it was "none of my
business" in any case. "DC.Temp.Receptionist" took my aside personally and
sent me a lengthy diatribe in private mail; I responded with my opinion and
the reasons behind it, some of which is snipped above.  I explained that the
remark was not directed at her or anyone.  I made clear that, since I did
not make the comment as a personal attack, I could do without hers on me.
Hence, the tone of my -private- response to her.  

>And to top it off, you're way off base.  The SCA does not exclude
>people.  The SCA is open to anyone who shows up at an event in a 'reasonable
>attempt at pre-1600 Western European Garb'.  The overwhelming majority of
>SCAdians welcome all people who wish to join and play well with others.

If you'll kindly review the posts I have made to this list, you'll find that
in *none* of them did I say anyone should or should not be excluded from
participation in SCA for any reason. What I was debating was authenticity of

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