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Re: On the subject of fruits....

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins)

> Wow.  Thanks to all who replied.  I think it is a small personal victory
> on my part to find that one of my favourite things (oranges and orange
> juice) is period [...]

Wait a minute.  I didn't see any posting about orange _juice_.
Did you get a private e-mail documenting it, or did you jump
to the conclusion that if oranges existed, the idea of squeezing
them also must have existed?

In any case, wouldn't oranges and orange juice be _two_ of your
favorite things?

-- Alfredo
(who sometimes worries that he gets too bogged down in details)
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

Nalles aefter lyfte  lacende hwearf|No more will it fly  through the sky
middelnihtum,  mathmaehta wlonc    |In mid-night,  wlonk of the sight
ansyn ywde;  ac he eorthan gefeoll |of gold it stashed;  to earth it crashed
for thaes hildfruman  hondgeweorce.|by that warrior-king's  handworking.

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