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Re: First-time Autocrat

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: "Misty Boyer" <scadianchick@hotmail.com> 
> I will be autocratting my very first event this coming May.  It will be 
> a Baronial Level event.  I don't have to say that I'm very scared. 
> I feel, however, that I won't make a mess of it. 
> And just to make sure that I don't make a complete mess of it, does 
> anyone have any pointers to give me?  They would be very appreciated. 
> I never pass up free advice, especially when it's good! 
> ************************************************************ 
> Marianne de Bisclavaret 
> of the Shire of Drachentor 
> Protectorate of the Barany of Sacred Stone 
> ************************************************************ 
Start organizing now, get a site now, plan the event schedule now, get a head 
cook now.  
Draw up a list of things you need for the event and where to get them. 
 Figure out pricing as soon as possible, consulting with your head cook, and 
figuring the site cost per person.  
Make a list of tasks you need to accomplish along with deadlines.  
Get your event announcement together ASAP.  
Recruit a staff for the event.  
Delegate various tasks as necessary to your staff.
Go over your task list and make sure it's current, along with deadlines.
Use local resources such as former autocrats, anyone who has access to a nice 
site, etc.
As long as you stay organized, you'll be fine!


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