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Poster: Carol_O'Leary@ed.gov (Carol O'Leary)

     Personal Opinion from Duchess Melisande --
     Laurie Kovaleski said:
     >Tip #1
     >Don't autocrat. Since it is too late for that try this...
     What a shame!  If no one were willing to run events, what do you think 
     the SCA would be?
     I hate to indulge in Old Fogey (tm) good-old-days reminiscences, but 
     I'm going to anyway.  When I joined the SCA some 22 years ago, people 
     came to events expecting to make their own fun.  If people wanted to 
     play games, they didn't wait for an autocrat with a clipboard to tell 
     them it was time; they played games.  And if they wanted to dance, 
     they started dancing.  Now, it seems to me, people want to be more 
     passive in their participation -- they want the autocrat to organize 
     everything.  That's why autocratting is seen as such a burden, rather 
     than as an opportunity to provide the extravagant service of giving 
     your friends a place to play.
     Laurie, my advice to you is *not* to autocrat.  If you don't think it 
     has any possibility of being fun, it's not for you.  But please try 
     and be a little more grateful to the people who do it; without them 
     there would be no events at all.
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