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[EVENT] Toys for Tots Tourney

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred, co-autocrat of Toys for Tots Tourney!

     I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I
was away on business in Southdowns for two weeks followed by
a trip to Black Diamond to visit my family.....

In service,
Gordian Knot Pursuivant

 --------------- 8< ---cut and save--- >8 -------------------

Coming up on SUNDAY December 15th:

     The Fifth Annual Toys for Tots Tourney

The Canton of Falcon Cree invites the populace of Atlantia to
attend this year's fifth annual Toys for Tots Tourney. The
day's events will consist of a heavy weapons style tourney,
rapier combat, arts and sciences competition and children's

The heavy weapons tourney will be a style tourney. The
shield and weapon portion will be double elimination.  The
great weapon, pole weapon and dual weapon will be single
elimination. The winner of each style will fight in that
style against the other winners for the Toys for Tots
Championship Sword. Each style entered will require a
donation of one toy of approximately $10 value.

There will be two categories in the arts and sciences
competition. One will be for the best handmade Medieval
Toy or Game (that has not won in a previous year), and
the other is an Open category. A prize will be awarded
for the best entry in each category. Each entry will
require donation of one toy of approximately $10 value.

The children's activities will consist of a variety of
games and contests. Benevolence of spirit should be
instilled in the children of Atlantia. We would
therefore like to see the children contribute toys to the
less fortunate.  These contributions should not be
centered on expense but on the idea of charity.

The entry fee for each person attending this event is the
donation of a toy. This is not in addition to any toys
donated in order to enter one of the competitions. These
toys should be new, unwrapped and of approximately a $10
value. The entrance fee for each contest will also be a
new toy. The donations will be presented to a Marine
Corps representative at court. The Marine Corps will
distribute the toys to less fortunate children for

Dinner will be at Quincy's on Haywood Road following the
event for any gentles interested.

Please remember that this is a public demo.  All armor
should be in good repair. No rusty, broken, or duct taped
armor will be allowed.  At the request of the heralds of
Nottinghill Coill, please bring and display your heraldry
to add to the ambiance of our event.

Time: noon

Location: The Pavilion, Taylors, South Carolina


Ealdthryth of Humbrestone (Christine Grewcock)
PO Box 26314
Greenville, SC, 29616
(864) 836-5065 (NLT 10 pm)
email: neith@concentric.net.


Eldred Aelfwald (J. T. Thorpe)
(864) 836-5065 (NLT 10pm)
 email: john.thorpe@columbiasc.ncr.com.


Take I-85 to I-385 towards Greenville. Take the Haywood Rd.
exit (#39).  Turn right onto Haywood Rd. Go 3 lights to
E. North Street.  At E. North, turn right.  Follow
E. North St. for approximately 1.8 miles. Turn right
onto Scottswood Rd. The Pavillion recreation center is
immediately on the left.  You will see signs for the
Pavillion at E. North St. and at the turn at Scottswood Rd.
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