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The Costs of Events

Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

Re the perceived expensiveness of events - Emerald Joust, if you arrived on
Friday and stayed over til Monday and were onboard for both feasts, cost $19.00.
This included camping fees for 3 nights, 2 lunches, 2 feasts, and a breakfast,
plus all the prizes for the various competitions, getting the Viking faering
boat on site (gas for getting it there) etc. - stuff that added to the ambiance
and people's having fun at the event. 

It cost the Barony something over $4,000 to put on, if I recall correctly
(*DON'T* hold me to this number as gospel as I'm not postive of the number) and
Anarra was a nervous wreck for weeks being afraid that the event would lose
money. How many baronies does anyone know that could afford to loose that kind
of money. So "an event that doesn't loose money is a successful event"! 

How much does one spend if he go out to dinner at a nice resteraunt? Most of the
ones I know you'd get half the food for twice the price one pays at most feasts,
to say nothing of the ambiance.  8-)  Attending an event is *entertainment*. We
think nothing of paying to go to a movie, gain admittance to a theme park or
Renn Faire, or buying books and other things that bring us pleasure. I don't
quite understand anyone's resistance to events being a group's main source of
income. I beleive a well-run event *should* make a moderate bit of profit for
the group. Not gouging, but a good event is a *lot* of work and a lot of the
group's energy goes into producing successful events that entertain the

Sadly, site fees *are* going through the roof as the government tightens various
belts and organizations are forced to make up more of their operating expenses
by raising fees to use their facilities. (The school where we have weekly gather
may have to start charging for the use of the gym and music room...)  8-(

			Ana Ilevna

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