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RE: unevent

Poster: Annejke@prodigy.com (MS MARTHA L WALLENHORST)

As you can tell, I am back.  It was a long weekend!!  The stress is 
starting to catch up with all of us.  We got to the church as the 
Hurse drove up, we ended up double parked on a two way street for the 
mass and when we came out it was pouring rain.  The mud in the 
cemetary was over top of my cane tip and half frozen with a heavy 
cold rain.  I would loved to have taken this year out any other way.  
If you are so inclined say a prayer for my kids who have now lost, a 
ggrandfather and grandmother on my side and a ggrandmother on thier 
fathers in 11 months.  We are full of that gloomy rain still.  I hope 
the holidays will take it out of them, but now thier jumping 
everytime the phone rings.

Thanks for you understanding,
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