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rising cost of events

Poster: Kymber Miner <kymber@mindspring.com>

An few intersting points have been made regarding making money off events.
This was something that I saw very rarely a few years ago.  I moved to
Calontir at the beginning of this year and was astonished to see that site
fees (off-board) are commonly 5-8 dollars ... for day trip events with no
camping.  More for longer events and again more for feasts.  

After getting over the sticker shock, I discovered that many groups out here
pay for weekly meetings sites. the Barony of Three Rivers (greater St.
Louis) pays about 40 dollars for a weekly meeting & winter indoor fighting
area.  There is no way that fundraisers alone can cover this kind of burden
and still leave room for throwing sucessful well planned events.

Is this happening to atlantia too? <kyneburh says, fondly remembering the
days when groups met in the basement of a church or on a friendly college
campus for the price of a smile and the promise of neatness>

Misplaced Atlantian

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