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Event Announcement

Poster: "N. C. Honeycutt" <missemma@coastalnet.com>

Your Pardon for this posting
This Announcement is mainly for those folks in the surrounding Shires 
and Cantons, but anyone who's going to be down this way give us a call 
we'd love to have you.


Jan 3-5 1997

	The fair and gentle fok of the Shire of Seareach are in a 
frenzy!!!  Twelfth Night is swiftly approaching and they would very much 
enjoy attending, but we can't seem to find our stuff! Have you ever had 
that happen?  Ms. Fortune has cried havoc upon us all!  We can't find 
our fest gear, our garb , our banners, and where are the directions, 
where are we gonna crash, and where are we going to the enough money???
Oh my!! We're expected to fight and we can't get all our armor together, 
the trunk is getting smaller and smaller.  We've lost all the keys, and 
now someone mentions reservations?  What do you mean reservations?  What 
ever are we to do?  What to do....
	Please, join the frenzy and survey the scramble as Seareach 
See what surprises are in store as you make haste to prepare for 12th 
night.  Play in this quest in teams of 3 (1 fighter and 2 gentles).  The 
quest will be followed by more H.W. fun ( Hog Wild, Heavy Weapons, Hot 
Water?) than you can shake a stick at.  In the late afternoon prepare to 
dance and perhaps show your prowess in wooing a lucky love with cloven 
fruit.  It's rumored that smalls (and talls) plan to decorate a Knight, 
and St. Nicholas may still be in the neighborhood.
A Chinese gift exchange is planned (wrap an SCA gift under $10, if you 
wnat to participate).  Feast will be provided al-a pot luck by the shire 
folk and we plan a wassail bowl.  If you feel complelled to contribute a 
covered dish, dessert is always welcome.
The cost is $3.00 - No matter what, so you might as well plan to stay 
and eat, you won't want to miss the fun.  This is a below the salt event 
(way below the salt).
The location for this frenzy filled weekend is the home of Lady Pez, 
deep in the swamp of Seareach. 
The site is sopping wet and crash space and tenting space is plentiful. 
Site opens at 2:00pm on Friday and, if you please, go home by dark 
Please direct reservations or questions to the Autocrat Lady Kaille' 
Sue Lisak 910-392-2543  115 Beasley Rd Wilmington, NC 28409  Make Checks 
payable to the Shire of Seareach, SCA inc.

Directions:  Take your best route to Hwy 74.  Take Whiteville exit for 
701 by-pass ( the 2nd one if your coming from Wilmington/the 1st if your 
coming from Fayetteville).  Go 5.5 MIles throught town south on Hwy 701 
by-pass to Rough and Ready Rd.   Turn right at the Phillips 66 gas 
station.  Go 1.3 miles.  Brick House on left (black shutters).  Signs 
will be posted.  1331 Rough and Ready Rd.  910-642-8077

I thank you and you may now return to your beverages.
Email questions may be addressed to me

Emma Lawles
House Wildrose
Chronicler of Seareach

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