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Re: Are Carrots Period?

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Alfredo wrote:
>I understand that there is a plant called Queen Anne's Lace that
>often grows wild in fields and roadsides that is in fact wild
>carrot, with a root (like the common garden-variety carrot but
>much thinner and with a white flesh) that is edible.  However,
>there is another wild plant (I forget the name) with a similar
>white compound flower and white taproot, that is poisonous.

I didn't know that about Queen Anne's Lace, but it is a very common plant
with large white flowers which are made up of tiny individual blooms.

However, there is also a wild carrot that can be found almost anywhere. I've
never seen its flower, but it has leaves very like a common carrot though
not nearly so lacy looking. It grows rather like a fern in that the leaves
come out of the ground as a group with no central stem (unlike Queen Anne's
Lace). They don't grow very tall and the tap root is white and very sweet,
but usually not very large. The center of the root can get rather woody
also. I don't know the botanical name for this plant. I've always heard it
referred to as wild carrot. I also don't know how similar this is to hemlock
(as mentioned by Landi). I would suggest getting a book on edible wild
plants before going off to look for some.

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