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RE: Cost of an event

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

>Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>
>The issue is the use of the money.  In order to keep events having this nice
>ratio of money to fun, I don't think groups should waste money or
>unnecessarily overcharge for events.
>I don't think Barony X should change me an extra $3 at the gate so they can
>buy themselves a $3000 pavillion (especially if they are not advertising that
>that is what they are doing). They should hold seperate fundraisers for that.
> I also don't think that an autocrat should charge extra for a feast because
>they are too lazy to shop at wharehouse clubs rather than Safeway down the
>Certain small improvements (like a new pot or new signs) are quite reasonable
>and wouldn't seem like gouging.  I would just like the cost of the event in
>line with the real costs to have the event.
I would be the first to agree with you 100% on the sentiments you
express.  I do not believe a group should be raising money for a
"special fund" without telling people about it.  I was expressing my
sentiments in regard to the work I have done with our local canton.  I
know we've never made more than a buck of two off our entrance fees.  I
know for a fact that they are never designed for that.  I have a bad
tendency to assume people are going to do what is "right" and I don't
expect other groups to pad their event fees, either.  The monies that we
have raised have gone to improving the next event we have or for
throwing a low or no fee event like "Auxillium et Concillium".  

I also know that my wife and I have been out of pocket a couple of
hundred dollars plus, in order to fund events our canton puts on, and we
aren't the only ones in the group who are putting monies toward it.  We
always get reimbursed, but I don't feel there should be a need to do
this.  I don't think any memeber of our group should have to do this.
That's why I would like to see a couple thousand dollars in the canton
funds, so that we have the where with all to fund our events and not
pick the pockets of our members.

I don't see that we are at all at odds in our thoughts on this subject.

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