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Re: Queen Anne's Lace--Warning

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com


Queen Annes lace is indeed the ancestor of the domestic carrot. THe aerial
parts can be used as an antiseptic diuretic for cystitis and prostatitis. The
herb is used for urinary stones. It is used in treatment for the gout. The
seed can be made into a tea that sooths gas pains and the oil is
antispasmatic. Carrot seeds can also kick in menstruation (don't take during
early pregnancy) The root is high in vitamens and are antacid (as are
carrots,) and can be used to expell worms (carrots too) The juice may have
anti-cancer activity and the pulped root can be used on itchy skin. 

So far so good.

Now--Queen Annes lace has SEVERAL poisonous lookalikes. You must check for
the purple center, which sometimes falls out, the shape of the leaves, the
shape of the seed pods. DEADLY HEMLOCK looks REAL similar. Please make sure
you know what you are looking at and unless you are positive (leaves, stems,
flowers and root) please DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!

If you insist on trying a tea and are unsure of what you are drinking--I
suggest reading Plato as you sip, but I enjoy Socratic irony.

Yours in safety,
     Miriam your neighborhood "wise women" (wise ass?)
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