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Former Bardz

Poster: "Scott Vaughan, Important Perso" <vaughan~sf@glaxowellcome.com>

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Good Gentles,

I am trying to form a list (in no particular order) of people who 
have previously held the title of Royal Bard/Meistersinger in 
Atlantia. So far, the folks I can remember are (besides me):

THL Bryce de Byram
Master James of Rutland
Baron John (surname?)
Lord Niall MacFarlane
Baroness Julitta des Chevaux
Mistress Fevronia (surname?)

This is as far back as my memory and SCA experience go. If you 
know someone who should be on this list, please let me know.

In other news, I am recruiting instructors for the Canton of 
Elvegast's third annual Jongleurie (which I believe is the 
weekend of 3/22/96). Classes, workshops, and demonstrations 
should be along the theme of the performing arts and other period 
entertainments, games, diversions, etc. Last year we had classes 
in drama, storytelling, songwriting, country dances, rounds, 
Arabic drumming and dance, and much much more. Also, if their are 
any groups (drama/music/etc) looking for a venue to perform, 
let's talk. Please post responses to me, not the list. 
Information on reservations and everything else will appear in an 
upcoming Acorn. And remember, I am NOT the autocrat!

Yours in the Dream,
Lord Efenwealt Wystle
Royal Bard
(Who still worships Dougie MacLean, world's greatest folk-artist)
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