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Icelandic Medieval Studies Summer Programme

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>


        - Anarra

>Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:44:17 GMT
>From: ulfarb@rhi.hi.is (Ulfar Bragason)
>To: oldnorsenet@hum.gu.se
>Subject: Medieval Studies
>Message-ID: <v01540b0aaed423f19cc3@DialupEudora>
>University of Iceland
>Icelandic Medieval Studies Summer Programme
>14 - 25 July 1997
>Programme Director:
>Dr. Ulfar Bragason, Director of the Sigurdur Nordal Institute
>A new interdisciplinary summer programme,
>focussing on Iceland in the Middle Ages.
>The Icelandic Medieval Studies Summer Programme is intended primarily for
>those who are currently undergraduate and graduate students,
>as well as college and university teachers.
>Approximately 30 participants can be accepted in the programme.
>Instruction is in English.
>The teaching is given in two small special subject classes, led by
>Icelandic experts, 15 hours a week. The subjects for the classes are:
>Norse Mythology and the Eddas,
>The Vikings and discovery of America,
>Archaeological approach to the Icelandic sagas,
>The Icelandic sagas as European literature of the high middle ages.
>The texts for the classes can be read either in the Old Norse-Icelandic,
>or in modern English translation.
>In addition there is a series of 10 plenary lectures
>extending the topics for study and discussion.
>        Excursion will be made to Reykholt, the home of Snorri the
>historian, and to ^ingvellir, the old Parliament site.
>Participants will be provided with certificate
>upon the completion of the programme.
>Tuition fee
>USD 450 covers instruction, lectures and excursions
>Accommodation can be arranged in private homes and dormitories.
>Application forms and further information are available from:
>Icelandic Medieval Studies Summer Programme
>Sigurdur Nordal Institute
>P.O. Box 1220
>121 Reykjavmk
>The deadline for application is April 15, 1997
>e-mail: ulfarb@rhi.hi.is
>        thorusig@rhi.hi.is

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