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Re: Events/money/profit/etc

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Lady Ursula Wrote:
>Good point.  We tried this in Kappellenberg many moons ago in September 
1993) with our first and last Cerberus Tourney.

The fighting eric was encircled by haybales, which added amazingly to the 
ambience of the site and provided plenty of seating before and after the 
book-end bearpit tourney.  The prizes were 3 heater shields.

We had a small fencing tourney (very small - only two fencers).  The 
prize was a basket with 4 wine goblets etched with the logo  of the 

We also had a Cerberus theme quest for teams of 5which took place in the 
woods.  The prize was a hand-tooled belt for each member of the winning 
<snipped here and there>

Having been one of those few to actually attend this event, the event was
quite enjoyable.  I would like to see the event and site return.

Does anybody, other than myself remember what the punch-line to the quest

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