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RE: event pricing

Poster: Phillip of Ghent <garm@teach.ENET.dec.com>

Beth Morris wrote:

>Separately, work out with your feast cook (*there is no such thing as a

**Thank You!**  I've always HATED that term.  Personally, I prefer the
moniker Head Cook, as intimates not only the fact thay you prepare the food,
but also manage the running & organization of the kitchen.

>My justification for changing the offboard fee is that if I know in
>advance more people are coming (because they have reserved) I have a
>better idea of how close on budget I'm going to be, and I can skimp (if
>it looks close - maybe not buy as much lemonade or something) or add
>things if I discover I'm headed towards extra money.

This is the way I've always approached this matter.  In addition, when we
cook a specialty feast (such as an Oriental fest), there are not a whole
lot of places to purchase the ingredients here in Dun Carraig.  We have to
go to Storvik or Lochmere for shopping, and can't just "run up the street"
the day of the event to get more.  It's imperative that we have a good
ballpark number of the attendees before the event.

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