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ANOTHER bad bad joke

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

It seems three Knights met at a crossroads one day.  Knights being the 
way they are, they decided to hold a tourney the next day on that very spot.
Now the first Knight had many squires, who polished his armour, and set 
up his camp, and generally took care of all the necessities so their 
Knight could be well rested for the tourney.  The second knight also had 
many squires, and was able to spend his night in quiet contemplation of 
the day to come.  The third Knight however had but a single squire, and 
he was severly taxed performing his duties.  His first task was to build 
a cook fire.  When it was complete, he took a large pot and suspended it 
high above the fire by a rop and noose.  The other two knights were sure 
of their victory over the third knight, after all they had many more 
squires to help them prepare. 

At sunrise, they met on the field, and the third knight won handily.  
Amazed, they asked the third knight his secret.  How did he win with only 
one squire?

He answered:  Everyone knows that the Squire of the High Pot Noose is 
equal to the sum of the squires of the other two sides.

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