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Translation Anyone? (fwd)

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Angela Pincha-Neel - ASCC)
> Hi all...
> I was surfing over in England and found a really cool library server that has
> illuminated manuscripts on-line. [http://rsl.ox.ac.uk/imacat.html]
> Well one of the manuscripts shown is a calendar page for January from a french
> Book of Hours dated c. 1525-50... tis in Latin, I think. Can anyone translate
> these for me? (spellings are as close as I can determine, probably wrong in
> areas.)

Latin which has been abbreviated. Always a pleasure. Rather like
a crossword puzzle, in a foreign language, with the additional
bonus of dire theological penalties for the wrong ending.

> The days of the week are alphabetical... A thru g.
> I do not know what the Roman numeral to the side means...
> Title:	RLlanuarius haber dies
> XXXl Luna XXX
> lll	A  Circuci dni 

The circumcision of the Lord; Jesus being the archetypical nice
Jewish boy, He could do no less...

> 	b  Oft.s.Stepha

St. Stephen's Day.

> Xl	c  Oft.s.Ioanis

St. John's Day.

> 	d  Ofta.Innoce

The Innocents.

> XlX	e  Thelesphori

This is Greek. Not being a theologian or a speaker of Greek, I

> Vlll	f  Epiphania	-- This I know is the Feast of Ephiphany, 12th Night,
> 			   the 6th of January...
> 	g  Iulianimris

Martyrdom of Julianus.

> XVl	A  Seueriniepi

Day of St. Serverinus the Bishop.

> V	b  Martianemr

St. Martianus.

> 	c  Paulieremite

Paul the Hermit.

> Xlll	d  Iginipape

This is confusing. I'll have to look at the GIF.

> ll	e  Satyrimris

Martyrdom of St. Satyrus (or Satyrianus).

> 	f  Fuminimris

Ditto for Fuminius (or Fuminianus).

> X	g Felicisipincis

St. Felix.

> 	A  Mauriabbans

For the Blessed Hrabanus Maurus, or for Maurus, Benedict's
disciple; both were abbots.

> XVlll	b  Marcellipape

Marcellus (or for Marcellianus)

> Vll	c  Antonuabbis

For Abbot Anton :-).

> 	d  Prisce virginis

I'll have to look this up. My dictionary's at home and I'm at
work. Could be for Mary, could be for some holy virgin.

> XV	e  Marii mris

Martyrdom of Marius.

> llll	f  Sebastranime

Not sure. I'll look at the GIF.

> 	g  Agnecia vrgis

St. Agnes' day.

> Xll	A  Vincerii mr

20 Martyrs?

> l	b  Emere?ane vg

Will check this out.

> 	c  Feliciani epi

Bishop Felicianus.

> IX	d  Cor?ersio pau

Paul's Conversion.

> 	e  Polocarpi epi

Bishop Polycarp.

> XVll	f  Inanis Chryso

St. John Chrysostom's Day.

> Vl	g  Agneus fscudo

I'll look at the GIF.

> 	A   Gemimiani epi

Bishop Geminianus

> Xllll	b  Trasta.s.maru

This calls for a visual inspection.

> lll	c  Cyri martius

I'd be surprised if this was St. Cyril. I thought that he and
Methodius were Byzantines, myself.

Pedro de Alcazar, AoA
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Or, six Castles Vert within a Bordure Gules semy of Roundels Or
Craig Levin
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