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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

As a herald and scribe, I have been following this discussion
with interest.

I need the Soapbox now....

On occasion I am given to wonder how much scrolls are
appreciated.  On the 'net, I hear plenty of "we love
scrolls."  I do not consider the 'net to be a
representational sample of the Knowne World--nor should
anyone else.  That is not to say that opinions expressed
here should be discounted.

What do we mean when we talk about scrolls?  Kingdom
and Baronial awards are a given in my mind.  However,
what about scrolls as prizes for competitions and
tournaments?  My upcoming rant is aimed mainly at
the latter sort of scroll.

I hear the "ooh, ahh, pretty" at Court.  As a scribe,
do get a kick out of hearing that.  However, I have
been told--to my face--that many fighters do not
appreciate scrolls, and I hear little to contradict
this.  This may be unfair by assuming that these
fighters are one-dimensional SCAdians.  Even so, I
find this attitude to have a negative effect on my
desire to do scrolls(at all).

In addition, I am seeing a growing trend towards
providing prizes for tourneys.  This is a good thing
in general since it is a "period" practice.  Well,
since there is no reason to provide a scroll as a
tourney prize, that leaves scrolls for A&S competitions.
There is an assumption that artisans "appreciate"
scrolls more than fighters.  However, why should they
be denied equivalent accolades and prizes?  A&S
competitions that I have seen get short shrift in
relation to the fighting.  Does this mean we should
stop giving out scrolls for tourney and competition

There have been many times when my scribal talents
have been called upon (with SHORT notice) for
scrolls for tournaments and A&S competitions.  This
backs up my K/B award scroll log, and I can't tell
whether the recipient likes/wants it or not.  The
alternative that I have seen used is computer
generated scrolls.  As a herald, I hate giving
out computer done scrolls(apologies to Friar
Uptech), and I feel it diminishes the efforts of
the human hand.  But, "we have to give them
something" lest people stop coming to our events.

So, now I'm unmotivated to do scrolls.  A computer
can crank out a bunch for a tourney.  Fighters
don't appreciate them. And, we don't want to make
artisans feel like second-class SCAdians by giving
them all the scrolls and none of the neat stuff
fighters get.  How many other scribes have fallen
to this same malady?

How do we correct this?  Scribes like to have their
work appreciated, so let's display it!  Make a fuss
about it(OK, some may not like the limelight).  Send
a thank-you note to the scribe who did your scroll!

Here, I'm done with the soapbox...Back to the original

Personally, I do like showing scrolls at Court.  You have a
captive audience.  8^)  I do agree, however, that even from
the first row, that people have a difficult time seeing
the scrolls.  One idea is to have a herald or squire bring
the scrolls forward for the populace to see, but that would
add to the length of court (something EVERYONE seems to
object to).

Most awards are a surprise to the receipients, and having the
scrolls on display prior to court rather gives the whole plot
away....  Scrolls being presented from the scribal back-log
are a somewhat different matter.  Someone lamented that
A&S displays are set away from the "main areas" of events.
Well, set up a pavillion near the tourney field where
the displays are much more visible.  Sacred Stone did this
at Coronation, and it seemed to work well.

There is a problem with displaying scrolls between court
and feast--especially given how close Altantia seems to
cut it between the two.  IF we were able to start court a little
earlier it would be more feasible.  Of course that means
that fighting needs to stop sooner, which probably means that
tourneys need to start on time and end at a pre-determined
time.  Nope.  I just don't see it.

People have pointed out the myriad problems with display
during feast(e.g. spillage), and I would include people
being more interested in the meal than getting up to see
the scribal arts.  Well, if Mohammed won't go to the
mountain...What if a couple of volunteers were to bring the
scrolls to show at each table at a feast between removes?
Don't let the feasters touch them but hold them up for them
to view.  The only catch is the amount of light available
to view the work.

If I come up with any others, I'll let you know....

In service,
Gordian Knot Pursuivant & scribe

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