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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Peters, Rise J. wrote:

> Don't confuse the reaction of someone receiving a computer-generated
> "scroll," which is really nothing more than a piece of paper, with someone
> receiving a hand-done scroll, which is a piece of artwork.  The first is
> nothing more than an automated pat on the back, no better than the
> "certificate of merit" you can buy at the local Staples and fill in on the
> spot; big surprise if it's not appreciated (by fighters or anyone else).  No
> great  trouble goes into making it, 

Please My Lord,
   Don't take this as an arguentive tone, but almost ALL of the
promissaries handed out in Royal Court, while starting out as Xerox'd
copies, involve many hours of illumination on the part of a small, very
intensely dedicated crew. Countess Briget, Lady Tamera of Rowanwald, and
myself have sometimes spent more time on a promissary than on a "real"
scroll.... I'd hate to think that they are "not worth the paper they're
printed on". We recognize that they are only "filler" to be saved as a
memento, but as happens, scroll recipients may wait years for their real
scroll, especially if their names and devices aren't registered, so
those ladies have worked hard to provide you with something to hold
while you wait.

	While I strongly dislike "computer generated" scrolls, I pray you not
to confuse them with ones that have been lovingly illuminated by hand in
many rich and lavish colors.... besides, if you look on the back of some
of them, you'll likely find many a familiar Royal name, as we conjole as
many vict-eh-volunteers as we can to help produce them. Isn't that
right, Duke Gilmr? (ha, thought I forgot, didn't you!)

	In service,

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