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Re: Scroll idea

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Eldred, from the soapbox, ranted in part:

>>many fighters do not
appreciate scrolls...

but also said:

>>the alternative that I have seen used [permitting generating "scrolls" for 
tourneys/competitons] is computer
generated scrolls...


>>a computer can crank out a bunch for a tourney.  Fighters
don't appreciate them....

Don't confuse the reaction of someone receiving a computer-generated 
"scroll," which is really nothing more than a piece of paper, with someone 
receiving a hand-done scroll, which is a piece of artwork.  The first is 
nothing more than an automated pat on the back, no better than the 
"certificate of merit" you can buy at the local Staples and fill in on the 
spot; big surprise if it's not appreciated (by fighters or anyone else).  No 
great  trouble goes into making it, no great pleasure goes into receiving it 
(beside the pleasure of winning itself, which may be considerable.)  The 
latter is itself a prize.  I can't speak for fighters, but as an artisan, 
I'd be thrilled to receive a real scroll; I'd frame it and hang it on my 
wall; I'd get as much or more pleasure from it than any other gift/prize I 
could be given.  Don't be confused by the reaction to computer-generated 
"scrolls" into thinking that the real thing isn't precious.

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